• 4 August 2015

    Faith, Sex, Gender and the Christian School

    When sexuality and gender, faith and culture collide it can be difficult for schools to know how to respond. The upcoming Leadership Retreat will help leaders work through the issues.  

  • 4 August 2015

    Registrations Closing Soon for National Leadership Retreat

    Registrations are closing soon for the upcoming National Leadership Retreat 19 - 21 August. Don't miss out! Register online today

  • 28 July 2015 | Author: Bron Jenkins

    Leadership that Transforms

    Practical training in leadership skills and deep reflection on Biblical models of leadership - the upcoming CSA Leadership Retreat will be an invaluable time for current end emerging leaders. Register now - this will be an experience to remember.  

  • 23 July 2015 | Author: CSA Canberra

    Australian Leaders' Retreat

    The Prime Minister and respective First Ministers have 'taken the first steps towards major reform of Australia’s Federation' according to the communique from the first Leaders' Retreat.

  • 23 July 2015 | Author: CSA Canberra

    Fair Work decision clarifies school rights and responsibilities

    A full bench of the FWC has ruled that a Catholic school religious education coordinator charged with criminal offences wasn't dismissed, because child protection legislation rendered "impermissible" his continued employment.

  • 20 July 2015

    A Gathering for Leaders & Emerging Leaders

    Register now for the CSA National Leadership Retreat, 19 – 21 August 2015 in Manly, Sydney NSW.

    The Retreat provides Christian education leaders and aspiring leaders the opportunity to learn, engage and reflect in a retreat setting.

    This Retreat is for Principals, deputies and emerging leaders, board members, business managers, curriculum coordinators, sector representatives and leading teachers.

  • 14 July 2015 | Author: Bron Jenkins

    CSA National Leadership Retreat now Registering

    Online Registration is now open for the 2015 CSA National Leadership Retreat, 19 – 21 August 2015 in Manly, Sydney NSW. With acclaimed practitioners in education, pastoral ministry, psychology, leadership & training, the Retreat will inspire, encourage and equip. 

  • 13 July 2015 | Author: CSA Canberra

    Funding Myth "Exposed"

    Recent claims about 'Private School Funding Myths' deserve closer inspection.

  • 26 June 2015 | Author: CSA Canberra

    New Chair for ACARA

    The Minister for Education and Training, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, recently announced the appointment of Emeritus Professor Steven Schwartz AM as the new Chair of the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).

  • 26 June 2015 | Author: CSA Canberra

    School Funding - the never ending story?

    Media reports this week reinforce the importance of securing funding commitments prior to the next Federal election.

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