Reframing the way you think about Leadership

Reframing the way you think about Leadership

Join us for our final FLAME gathering for 2023 where our topic is: 

Reframing the way you think about leadership

“Traditional organizations, [are] premised on the idea that things aren't changing very much and therefore you set out hierarchies, rules and processes, but in an organization that's continually needing to evolve … you need to be able to continuously reinvent your structures.”

Rita McGrath, Columbia Business School.

Schools tend to be traditional institutions and executive leadership structures have remained very similar for generations, but the education and compliance landscape has changed significantly especially in the last 10 years.

Women tend to lose interest in leadership, not just because they often choose to take time out to raise a family, but even more so because they believe that the burdens of leadership and just not worth it. Is our model of leadership a broken and perhaps masculine model?

But who says leadership needs to look like that?

How can you be strategic and creative in the role you have now to exercise faithful leadership that may ultimately lead to organisational changes that benefit the whole school community?

Serve well where you are now! Often significant changes come about through individuals using their strengths to bring about improvement in their own sphere of influence.

If you haven’t accessed CSA’s amazing suite of leadership development materials, then jump onto the CSA website and find the CSA Leadership HubAccess to the CSA Leadership suite is available to all staff in CSA member schools – ask your school administrator for your login details.

The FLAME network meets nationally on Zoom and locally at a State level to continue to inspire, support and challenge Christian women in leadership in Christian education. We are blessed to have so many talented and competent female leaders in Christian education, but we are still only tapping the surface of this potential. The purpose of FLAME is to inspire and encourage women to understand that students and teachers need them to step up by realising their strengths and capacities and responding to the call. 

Event Information

This event will be held online using Zoom technology.

3.30-4.30pm AEDT: Scheduled event

4.30-5.00pm AEDT: Open conversation

A recording of the event will be provided, together with other applicable resources, following the event.


Host: Jill Healey

Jill Healey is a passionate contributor to leadership development at Christian Schools Australia, serving as the FLAME and Fuse Facilitator. Jill currently serves on two Christian school boards, is a Board member for Endeavour Ministries, as well as an active member of the Victorian Independent Schools BGA Board. Jill is a champion of Christian women in leadership and specialist education provision in Christian schools. She believes in the power of God to transform lives and bring hope to young people through Christian education.

Presenter: Catherine Horsburgh

With her Masters in education, Catherine has had a wide ranging career in teaching and school leadership. From being a classroom teacher, Head of Senior Primary and Deputy Principal of Learning and Innovation,  Catherine now serves the Principal at Northcross Christian School. During FLAME, Catherine will share about her journey into leadership and how she has navigated expectations and successfully drawn professional boundaries in the workplace, as well as what she thinks women could begin to do to change expectations of behaviour that are not required by men in leadership roles. 

Co-host & presenter: Jess Kapitola

Jess has a long history of working with varied organisations that strive to protect the vulnerable and highlight education. She is a dedicated organiser and her passion is for building and strengthening relationships and promoting sustainability in all things. Jess runs her own business and, with her background in psychology, social work, nutrition, school sustainability, events and communications, Jess brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to her role for CSA in Western Australia, serving the member schools there, managing CSA's social media and supporting the FLAME program.

Qualification for CPD hours

This event attracts CPD hours according to the following AITSL professional teacher and leadership standards:

6.1 - Identify and plan professional learning needs
6.3 - Engage with colleagues and improve leadership practice
7.4 - Engage with professional leadership networks and broader communities
» Leading teaching and learning
» Developing self and others 
» Engaging and working with leadership teams and the community

This event also attracts CPD hours according to the following Christian Distinctive professional standards:

6A - Engage in professional learning which aids in the development of a philosophy of Christian education based in Biblical principals
7A - Knowledge about and engagement with the school, its Christian ethos and vision
7B - Contributes to the development of distinctive Christian practice in the school, profession and the winder community

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation must be in writing to the organizers. Please note, no refunds will be issued after 3 days out from the event. Any cancellations made after this date will be charged the full registration fee. 'No Shows' to the event will be charged the full registration fee. 

The event program is subject to change without prior notice.


FLAME is a network for women to support their journey into and through leadership at all levels within a school context, either at management or board level. Come and join a passionate group of women on Zoom to continue to inspire, support and challenge Christian women in leadership in Christian education. If you are a male leader, you are welcome to be one of our champions by attending yourself and/or encouraging a female leader on your board or school management team or an aspiring leader to connect into this network.

The FLAME network will enable strong connections between experienced and inexperienced leaders and help identify and encourage structures that support women in leadership.

“FLAME is more than networking and building relationships, it’s about developing capacity of female leaders and aspiring female leaders to lead with confidence and humility to be all that God has created them to be.” – Jill Healey, National FLAME Network Facilitator, Christian Schools Australia.


Female Leaders And Managers in Education:



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Thursday, 26 October 2023
3:30pm - 5:00pm AEDT
$24 Members | $34 Non-Members +GST
via Zoom
1.5 CPD hours
Public event
RSVP by 26-October-2023

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