School Improvement are the purposeful, strategic activities undertaken to develop excellence, improve student learning outcomes and, ultimately, positively impact student outcomes. School Improvement is relevant to all CSA schools, and is effectively an ‘umbrella’ action strategy for all other facets of school operation.

CSA Architecture School Improvement Tool

CSA’s Architecture School Improvement Tool (ASIT) is designed to provide informed and evidence-based direction for schools on a continuous improvement journey. ASIT is informed by the CSA Architecture, with a particular emphasis on the 6 architecture “Levers”.

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School Improvement Service

CSA operates a school improvement service for members who are interested in undertaking an audit of the health of their school. This service is part of the School Improvement national portfolio and is available to all member schools in Australia.

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Steps to Moving Forward and Improving Schools

CSA’s Executive Officer, Andrew Taylor, has developed a five-step approach for schools that they can voluntarily undertake to assist them in maturing and improving school-based practices. CSA also provides an introduction video resource centred on School Improvement which seeks to challenge and inspire members' thinking on this topic.

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