CSA seeks to support school boards in their roles and responsibilities in school governance. It is the school board who has the responsibility to set the school’s vision, mission, values and goals and it is the school management’s responsibility to decide how to achieve the goals, in a manner consistent with the set values.

CSA Governance Resources

CSA provides a range of resources relating to the governance of Christian schools. These resources can be adopted or adapted to suit a range of governance needs. These resources include:

  • Model Constitutions for a Christian School
  • Guide to the Model Constitution
  • Sample MOU between a church and a Christian school
  • Sample Governance Handbook Documents
  • Training courses and materials (NESA accredited for NSW schools)
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Board Self Assessment Tool

Board assessment is a vital element of good board practice. The purpose of board self-assessments is to be sure that boards are fulfilling their duties and responsibilities and that appropriate processes are in place to ensure that boards are giving due diligence to planning and oversight over the organisation. School registration bodies and community expectations are increasingly demanding that boards undertake regular self assessments. The CSA Board Self Assessment Tool takes just 15-20 minutes to complete and provides a comprehensive report on the health of your school board operations.

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Board Training and Development

CSA provides a range of training and development specifically for use by board members. Training is available in both face-to-face and online formats to assist schools in meeting time-specific government requirements.

The School Governance Program is a series of short courses conducted, in person, over 4 separate days. Developed in collaboration with Effective Governance, this program is a 12-module course designed to equip Christian school board members, the principal and school leadership team with the key governance knowledge they need to understand and support the board’s role so that directors remain mission true and ministry-orientated and secure the school’s long-term sustainability.

Missional Governance: Boards that Transform is an insightful program that provides Board Directors with an opportunity to step back, just for a moment, and evaluate the why behind what you do. It provides you with a series of short-form, thought provoking sessions that can be worked through at each board meeting throughout the year.

The Responsible Officer Induction Course and Responsible Officer Training Course were developed to meet the requirements of the NSW Educational Standards Authority for the proscribed training of board members and other responsibly officers in NSW. Many board members outside NSW have found them to be helpful.

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ACNC Resources

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission also have a variety of templates and examples which can be used and adapted by schools and their Boards to suit specific needs.

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