Review of Queensland Anti-Discrimination Act - Further Details Released

23 July 2021

Earlier this year, as indicated in our Briefing, the Queensland Attorney-General formally requested the Queensland Human Rights Commission to undertake a review of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (QLD).

The Commission has now released more information on the Review, including:

The timeline includes provision for -

  • July – September 2021:  An initial series of one on one consultations with stakeholder organisations, businesses and other entities to help identify the key issues
  • August 2021: Submissions open to a public submission process which provides the opportunity for people to share their experiences, views and ideas about how to improve Queensland’s discrimination law.
  • November 2021: Following the initial consultations and research, the Review team will publish a discussion paper. The discussion paper will provide a background and overview of discrimination laws, and the key issues the Review team have identified through their initial consultation and research. It will then ask a series of questions on particular issues and areas for reform.
  • November 2021 – February 2022: The Review will hold public consultations, across the Christmas/New Year period as commonly seems the case
  • 1 March 2022: Submissions close
  • 30 June 2022: The Review team will present a report to the Attorney-General. The Commission will provide recommendations to government about potential changes to the law.

CSA has contacted the Commission and is seeking to be involved in the initial consultation process.

Once the Commission presents its Report to the Attorney-General it will then be up to the State Government to decide whether to implement the recommendations.

We will continue to keep schools updated through the process.  If any school has an experience of dealing with matters under the Act we would value hearing from you.

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