Review of NSW NFP Requirements for Schools

31 October 2022

The NSW Education Department is undertaking a, long overdue, review of the Not-For-Profit Guidelines for Non-Government Schools (2019) (the ‘NFP Guidelines’) to, in the Department's words, 'ensure they continue to assist non-government schools to understand and comply with the not-for-profit requirements of the Act'.

They are also 'working with key stakeholders' to develop a regulatory framework to 'enhance the regulation of the not-for-profit requirements under the Education Act 1990'.

To support this process the Department has released:

Submissions to the Discussion Paper are due 23 November 2022 and should be emailed to: [email protected].

We are encouraging all schools with concerns about the framework and guidelines to:

  • provide us with any details or examples of your concerns as soon as possible,
  • make a submission to the Department outlining your concerns, and
  • provide us with a copy of the submission.

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