Queensland Non-state School Framework Review Submission

15 May 2023

The Non-State Schools Accreditation Framework Review has called for submissions as indicated in our recent Briefing.

The Review will also be holding a small number of roundtables, and CSA joined other schools groups in meeting online with Ms Vardon, the reviewer, late last month.

In the submission lodged today CSA made ten recommendations, including that:

  • the objects of the Education (Accreditation of Non-State Schools) Act 2017 be updated,
  • other overlapping supervisory arrangements be considered with a view to reducing the accreditation criteria,
  • the Act be amended to recognise that the objects may be legitimately achieved through parents exercising their choice of school,
  • a formal approach to regulatory activity, compliance and enforcement and dealing with complaints be incorporated into the Accreditation Framework along the lines of those used by the ACNC, and
  • the activities of the Board be reviewed against the Government’s Public Interest Map Policy to ascertain if all existing functions are necessary and should be undertaken in the current manner.

We have also asked the reviewer to call on the Queensland Government to:

  • amend the Human Rights Act 2019 (QLD) to include a right equivalent to Article 18(4) of the ICCPR, and
  • introduce a scheme for the monitoring and oversight of ‘reportable conduct’ allegations as recommended by the Royal Commission into Systematic Responses to Child Abuse.

A full copy of the submission can be downloaded from the link below.

Download Submission


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