Cyber Security Tips from the Australian Signals Directorate

2 April 2024

The Australian Signals Directorate has recently published some tips for charities and not-for-profits, to protect from common cyber threats.

The article discusses the types of attacks and vulnerabilities that threaten the mission of our schools, and also give some tips to consider.

These include:

1. Turn on multi-factor authentication where possible.
2. Check automatic updates are on and install updates as soon as possible.
3. Back up important files and device configurations often. Test your backups on a regular basis.
4. Use a reputable password manager to create strong, unique passwords or passphrases for your accounts.
5. Provide cyber security training, particularly on how to recognise scams and phishing attempts.
6. Use access controls and review them often so staff can only access what they need for their duties. This will reduce potential damage caused by malware or unauthorised access to systems.
7. Use only reputable and secure cloud services and managed service providers.
8. Test cyber security detection, incident response, business continuity and disaster recovery plans often.
9. Review the cyber security posture of remote workers and connections. Make sure staff are aware of secure ways to work remotely such as not accessing sensitive information in public.
10. Report a cybercrime, incident or vulnerability to protect yourself from further harm.
11. Join ASD’s Cyber Security Partnership Program as a business or network partner. This free program provides advice and insights on the cyber security landscape.

The full article, and associated supporting documents can be found HERE.

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