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15 May 2022

Don't 'Show Me the Money', Tell Me the TRUTH

Millions of Australians going to the polls this coming Saturday are not looking for more cash to be splashed around by political leaders – they are looking for some truth.

‘The hundreds of thousands of Australian voters who send their children to faith-based schools, and the millions of people who have seen and engaged with our materials online are hungry for truth’, said Mark Spencer, Director of Public Policy at Christian Schools Australia.

‘This election is about more than money for dog parks,’(1) he said, ‘the next Parliament will determine essential issues of freedom and equality.’

Fundamental freedoms of religion, conscience and speech are what is at stake, and people of faith are looking for clear and unequivocal commitments from our leaders and candidates.’

‘Australia has signed up to international treaties that require our government to protect these basic human rights’, Mr Spencer said, pointing out that the ALP National Platform now includes these protections and very narrow scope for religious freedoms to be constrained.(2)

‘People are fed up with the “bread and circuses” offered during the election campaign and want leaders to speak the truth about their plans to meet these international requirements, protect religious freedoms and provide a clear solution to the fears created in LGBT students’.

Our Plan for Freedom and Equality provides a clear three step process to resolve these issues before Christmas this year.(3)   We have called on all parties to get on board and support it.

‘As people of faith walk into the polling booths, in the privacy of that space, their faith and values will be reflected on their ballot paper’, Mr Spencer said, ‘our votes cannot be bought.’

‘There is more to life than dog parks, stop waving around the money and just tell us the truth.’


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(1) Election 2022: Josh Frydenberg and Jim Chalmers grilled over $300k dog park, 4 May

(2) ALP National Platform 2021, paragraph 46.

(3) Our Plan for Freedom AND Equality, 11 May

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