Flourishing Schools FSCI Australia Pilot Report - ACSI

This download provides an overview of the instrument design and data analysis, the FSCM, the 2021 Australia pilot results, and understanding how the FSCI can be used in leading school-level change. In late 2020, seven Australian Christian schools, from diverse locations and states across the country, were recruited by Christian Schools Australia (CSA) to participate in an Australian pilot of the FSCI. Qualitative follow-up surveys enabled Australian school leaders to provide feedback on the usefulness of FSCI insights in real-time. The qualitative data was positive and showed that leaders are already using FSCI results in their school improvement plans and overall strategic planning. For each of the seven schools participating in the Australia pilot, the FSCI identified a set of five top strength areas and five major areas for growth (based on each school’s individual construct scores). This information is valuable not only for the participating schools themselves but also for the Christian school sector, as it provides a snapshot of the key strengths and areas for improvement for a sample of schools in CSA membership. The resulting research is groundbreaking both in terms of its scope and findings and provides the basis for the first-ever empirically validated model of flourishing in Christian schools.

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Flourishing Schools FSCI Australia Pilot Report - ACSI

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