The purpose of Christian schooling is the educational and spiritual development of each child.

Spiritual formation is an essential component of a Christian school education. In a Christian school, students are taught that humankind is made in the image of God. God wishes for us to be fulfilled in life and work, in relationship with Him, with each other, and with the world He made for us to enjoy.

Christian schools aim to prepare students to live full, productive and purposeful lives, contributing to the wellbeing of their families, communities and as global citizens.

Overall Mission of a Christian School

The mission of a Christian school is the spiritual, educational, emotional, social and physical development of every child. Every student is made in the image of God. Therefore, the unique needs of every child are the primary concern of a Christian school.

The Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration emphasises the importance of supporting students’ social, emotional, spiritual and physical development. A Christian School education meets these important objectives.

Christian Communities

Christian schools are communities of grace, belief and practice. The Christian life is a life lived in communion with God and others. The development of students in a Christian school takes place in community.

Christian schools are places of belonging, built on shared values and beliefs, and committed to mutual care and respect. They are communities in which Biblical faith, values and beliefs are formative for the school community and integrated into curriculum, practice and culture.

Finding Purpose

Students learn to find their purpose in following Jesus and using their gifts to serve others. As a direct response to Jesus’ example of servant leadership, Christian schools have a strong culture of mission and service both at home and overseas.

Christian schools educate students to be locally and globally active citizens, concerned about the welfare of others and about using their gifts to serve.

In partnership with Family and the Church

CSA member schools are closely aligned with parents and churches in their communities. They are one of the expressions of the body of Christ, serving parents by partnering with them in the education of their children. Many CSA members were commenced by, and remain affiliated with, a local church, and draw their enrolments from church families. Others are associated with, and supported by, members from a number of churches in their local area.

Most CSA schools also attract significant enrolments from families who, while not currently attending a Christian church, nonetheless deliberately choose the school because they desire an education for their children that is based upon Christian beliefs and values.

"Situated in the remote Indigenous community of Napranum, Kluthuthu Christian College deeply appreciates CSA’s support in its pioneering phase exemplifying the collaborative strength of the CSA network which embraces Indigenous perspectives and wisdom all firmly grounded in our shared Biblical Christian faith."
Dr Avril Howard, Board Chair, Kluthuthu Christian College.