This page contains resources and information to assist Christian schools during the current health crisis.

Message from our CEO

We are living through interesting days and I commend our Principals and School leaders for the leadership shown to their school communities. I want to assure you that CSA staff have been and continue to be available right through this crisis. Our offices always remain open and functional. Please reach out to us, as many of you are already doing, if you need support, advice or direction. We are another set of hands to call upon. CSA is taking advice from public health experts and we encourage individual schools to do likewise.

COVID-related Member Resources

As a service to members, CSA has a range of resources available to assist schools during this pandemic.

Available resources range from reflections on remote learning through to sample documents and online learning policies from a number of member schools. 

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COVID-19 Recovery Tracker

CSA has partnered with ORIMA on two major research projects over the past two years. Their work is quality research completed at a very high level of professionalism. 

During COVID, ORIMA has been completing its own research and made these results publicly available for use. The COVID response Tracker (CRT) results help to track and understand how the Australian community is handling the impact of the pandemic. The research creates benchmarks that can be used to interpret other community data. As of 23 July, 24,250 respondents had completed the core questions of the CRT survey with approximately 400 respondents completing a longer version of the survey each fortnight.

The COVID Recovery Tracker (CRT) insights may be useful to CSA schools in terms of school-based policy development or to understand community sentiment at this time. Schools are free to use and reference this information (simply cite 

CSA has compiled a series of posts with some of this relevant research from ORIMA, which we hope you will find useful as you navigate your response to, and care of, your respective school communities.

COVID-19 Recovery and Christian Schools

Get Connected

As a service to members, CSA has commneced a collaborative online community where you can share advice, ideas, resources, and best practices with other members in a secure, efficient and easy to access location. 

The CSA Collective provides ways for staff of member schools to Engage in discussions, Connect with colleagues in your field and Explore resources to help you in your role.

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