2024/2025 Project Partners

We are grateful to our 2023 Project Partners, who have enabled CSA to provide resources of significant value to Christian education. If you are interested in becoming a CSA Project Partner, please contact us.

NGS Super

Why Choose NGS Super...? We are a leading industry super fund for education professionals, but we’re open to everyone. We offer low fees, award-winning insurance, sound long-term investment performance and a strong carbon-neutral focus. We’re run only to benefit members. All our profits go back to our members — everything we do is about helping you take care of your tomorrow. Become a member today and secure your future with NGS Super.

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The School Photographer

The School Photographer, founded and run by Garrick Dostine, is a family-owned business that has been taking school photos for over 40 years. Starting small, the company has grown to become one of the leading providers of school photos in the industry. The School Photographer has established strong partnerships with many educational associations, including HICES and APPA. In addition to its commitment to delivering high-quality photos, school photography and promotions, the company also supports numerous charitable organisations, making it a responsible corporate citizen and an essential part of the community.

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Other Business Partners

Our other business partners are continually looking at ways they can assist our member schools and provide exclusive offers.


It takes a hard-working team to keep a school running smoothly, so having a dedicated partner for all your educational supplies helps to lighten the load. That’s where Officeworks comes in. We offer a wide range of products and services, from classroom essentials to school office supplies, all at low prices. CSA member schools (with an ABN) enjoy exclusive business pricing with Officeworks.

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Let Officeworks provide you with an easy way to start the school year with their Classroom Essentials Service. You can quickly and easily order all the classroom essentials you need in bulk for each class or year level.

Classroom Essentials Service