2024 TAS State Conference

2024 TAS State Conference

This year the conference is designed for both teaching and non-teaching staff, with the theme:

Who are we becoming?

Through the conference theme, delegates will explore the cultural voices that influence the identities of young people, the role of the biblical narrative in shaping (counter-forming) identity and practical strategies and resources for drawing young people into the biblical story.

Program, Theme and Content

Who are we becoming?

Session 1: The Cultural Compass: Navigating The Youth Identity Crisis & Cultivating Positive Formation | Eric Agyeman

In order to effectively speak into the lives of young people with the biblical story, we need to understand the complexities of the trending youth identity crisis. Speaking out of his own lived experience, in this session Eric will explore the pervading ‘cultural stories’ which are shaping us and the young people in our schools and then provide practical strategies, based on biblical principles, to support students in healthier identity formation. This includes the establishment of an inclusive and nurturing school culture.

Session 2: Understanding our formation in the light of the Biblical story | Dr Rowan Lewis

Formation occurs within the context of story. Stories help to form our identity, meaning and purpose, and allow us to make sense of our place in the world. They provide a vision of who we are, why we are here, where we are going and what constitutes the good life. The story we live out of becomes the lens through which we see, interpret and engage with the world around us. This session will explore how the biblical story provides a compelling alternative to our culture and how it reshapes our imagination around identity and purpose.

Session 3: From formation to transformation: a practical approach | Dr Maria Varlet

In a culture of competing narratives that seek to shape us, Christian schools have the opportunity to invite students to know, understand, imagine, embody and expand God’s story. This session will introduce a practical, whole school approach to being intentional in the creation of opportunities which enable people to find their own story within the bigger story of God’s kingdom.

How to Register

To register your school for this event, simply follow the steps below by Friday 31 May 2024.

  1. Create an excel spreadsheet with the details of all staff who will be attending the conference. Please remember to exclude from your spreadsheet any staff who will be on leave or will not be working on the day of the conference (to avoid being charged for staff who are unable to attend). The spreadsheet should have the following columns:
    - First Name
    - Last Name
    - School email address
    - Role in school
    - Dietary requirements: Gluten free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian or Vegan (or any combination of these). 
  2. Click on the register button, which will open an email for you to attach the completed spreadsheet of information.
  3. Once received, a confirmation email from our VIC/TAS office will be sent to you, as well as an invoice for the event costs.

Please note that only the dietary requirements listed above can be catered for. Staff who have any other dietary requirements will need to make arrangements to bring their own food on the day of the event. We are able to provide a discount for the event for these specific staff members.

The conference is suitable for all staff (teaching and non-teaching), and the registration cost of $85 +GST, per person, includes catering for the day, as well as all session materials and information.

Please reach out to Monika Zanardo on [email protected] if you have any queries. 


Eric Agyeman

After his fourth suspension in high school, Eric Agyeman was given a holiday ticket back to his birthplace, Ghana. He was told it was a 3-week holiday, a gift from his father. This so-called ‘holiday’ became the toughest but most life-changing 7 years of Eric’s life. 7 years of experiencing poverty, isolation and deep depression led him to a breaking point; attempted suicide. Near the end of this dark period in Eric’s life as a teenager, he stumbled into a Church, gave his life to Christ. It was there that he began to understand there was a purpose in living.

Eric is now the author of 4 inspirational books, a John Maxwell accredited leadership coach, a previous nominee for the Young Victorian of the Year for his work with youth and most recently, he was awarded the 2022 African Australian Achievement award. Eric and his team are on a mission to reach, inspire and transform 1 million Youth by 2031, bringing life and hope to young people. Whether it’s his captivating story of resilience or developing students' leadership skills or his signature Boys to Noble Men program, Eric has been a great support to Wellbeing teams in Christian Schools across Australia.

Dr Rowan Lewis

Rowan is the Head of Pastoral Theology at ACOM (Australian College of Ministry) and co-researcher with the YourStory project. He is an experienced researcher and educator in formation and spirituality especially as it relates to younger people. Over the last 15 years, he has created and led formation programs for youth and young adults as well as specialising in accompanying young people amidst times of doubt and spiritual transition – which ultimately became the focus of his PhD. Your Story is a national research project seeking to understand the influences that shape young people’s journey of faith. It has surveyed over 400 young people and will be releasing findings throughout 2024 (https://yourstory.ridley.edu.au/). Together with his wife Kirra, Rowan lives in Melbourne with three energetic teenagers who keep life suitably animated.

Dr Maria Varlet

Dr Maria Varlet has been involved in Christian Education for over 30 years, holding a variety of leadership positions including Head of Research & Innovation and Campus Principal. She has served on a number of Boards including as Deputy Chair of the CSA National Council. Maria has completed extensive formal study including a doctoral thesis which contributes insights into how Christian schools might utilise professional learning strategies to address tensions between ethos and assessment practices. As the Executive Officer, VIC/TAS, Maria is looking after the portfolio of Professional Learning. She is passionate about promoting and developing exemplary education practice, challenging the status quo and equipping and inspiring others. Her professional interests include teacher professional learning, leadership development and school improvement.

Qualify for CPD Hours

At the conclusion of this event, a certificate of professional learning, for self-accreditation, will be made available to participants, via your member dashboard. The event will address the following AITSL standards and Christian Distinctive Focus areas: 

AITSL Professional Teacher and Leadership Standards:
»  6.2 Engage in Professional Learning and Improve Practice
»  6.3 Engage with colleagues and improve practice
»  6.4 - Apply professional learning and improve student learning
»  7.4 Engage with professional teaching networks and broader communities

Christian Distinctive Focus Areas:
»  6A Engage in professional learning which aids the development of a philosophy of Christian Education based in Biblical principles
»  7A Knowledge about and engagement with the school, its Christian ethos and vision
»  7B Contributes to the development of distinctive Christian practice in the school, profession and wider community

Want to learn more about the CSA Christian Distinctive Focus areas? Click here.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made in writing to the Event Organiser. Unfortunately, no refunds will be issued after 7 days out from the event. Any cancellations made after this date will be charged the full registration fee. 'No Shows' to the event will be charged the full registration fee. 

Please note that registration fees do not include insurance to cover loss of any fees/deposit through cancellation of your participation in the event or through cancellation of the event itself. A full refund will be issued if the event is cancelled by the organiser (CSA) due to any reasons out of the organisers control.

The event program is subject to change and we may not be able to provide prior notice.


CSA TAS State Conference 2024 is proudly sponsored by:


Monday, 22 July 2024
9am - 3pm AEST
$85 +GST
Southern Christian College
150 Redwood Road
Kingston 7050
6 CPD Hours
Members only event
RSVP by 31-May-2024

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