Governance Resources: 2021 Model Constitution Toolkit

Schools would be very aware of the increasing challenges to Christian schools around issues that were once matters of uncontested Christian belief. Courts and Tribunals are increasingly scrutinising the Christian doctrines and beliefs which underpin the operations of Christian Schools. The first document likely to be considered in this process is the organisation’s Constitution. You will not be able to retrospectively claim beliefs in the event of litigation that cannot be supported by your school Constitution. It is essential that you capture the key doctrines, tenets and beliefs on which the school wants to operate, as well as put in place the building blocks to ensure that you are considered to be a ‘religious body’ or ‘religious educational institution’. Our model constitution is designed for that purpose, to ensure that you have a strong foundation. The 2021 Model Constitution Toolkit contains - * Model Constitution for a Church Governed School * Model Constitution for a Community Governed School * Guide to the CSA Model Constitutions The Toolkit is in a compressed (zipped) folder. Updated 17 February 2021 (See Guide for details of changes)

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Governance Resources: 2021 Model Constitution Toolkit
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