CSA School Governance Program Overview

The School Governance Program is a series of short courses conducted over 4 separate days, either face-to-face or via video conferencing. It is presented by a governance expert to a group of up to 15 participants. Each session involves a presentation during which all participants are encouraged to discuss issues of raised in the module and share experiences. A case study will be discussed in each module which addresses issues raised in that module to enable participants to apply the concepts introduced in the module. Sessions cover the following: Short Course 1 – Good Governance Practice: Foundations of Governance; Legal Framework; Decision-making and Board Processes Short Course 2 – Financial Governance: Financial Reporting; Financial Performance; Principal and Executive Oversight Short Course 3 – Performance & Conformance: The Board’s Role in Strategy; Risk Oversight; Compliance & Policy Roles of the Board Short Course 4 – Governance Sustainability: Stakeholder Communication; Board Effectiveness; Boardroom Dynamics Who should attend? Board members, Principals and Deputy Principals, CEOs, board secretaries, Business Managers, board support personnel, and senior teaching staff looking for professional development. This download provides an overview of the course offered by CSA.

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CSA School Governance Program Overview

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