Christian Schools Community Profile (CSCP) - Executive Summary

This Executive Summary provides information about the national results of the "Christian Schools Community Profile: Why Parents Choose Christian Schools" research project. A little about the project... In early 2021, CSA embarked upon its third important piece of national research on Christian schools that sought to provide unprecedented understanding and insight regarding the parents that select Christian schools for their children. Over the past decade, there have been seismic shifts in the families that enrol students in our Christian schools, and families are coming to our schools with diverse and at times surprising expectations and motivations for choosing Christian schooling options for their children. This project was the largest study of its kind ever undertaken on Christian schools in Australia and focused specifically on CSA member school parents from across the nation, providing for the first-time baseline evidence relating to the backgrounds, values, faith commitments, spirituality, interests and decision-making practices and expectations of parents who attend Christian schools across the nation. 100 CSA member schools from across the nation participated in this landmark project and the response from parents across Australia was excellent with 8595 responding to the survey. The survey was conducted online between 8 March and 16 April 2021, with survey distribution and communication managed by participating schools

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Christian Schools Community Profile (CSCP) - Executive Summary

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