2024 VIC State Conference On Demand Package

2024 VIC State Conference On Demand Package

Who are we becoming?

In 2024, the VIC/TAS State Conference will look a little different. We will be bringing the in-person event to Tasmania and providing the Victorian event as an on-demand package.

Instead of the in-person Conferences in Victoria, we will be offering a ‘Conference Package’, which can be used adaptively and creatively by schools. Each school will be encouraged to purchase an in-school package, which could be run on one day, as an in-school Conference (perhaps on the first day of term 4), or broken down and used over time as the school best sees fit. The package will include a range of materials, guides, resources and activities. 

School leaders will have access to the material well in advance to assist in planning. Additionally, attendees will have access to the material up to 90 days from Monday 15 July, to re-engage with the content.

Speaker information to come...

On Demand Program

Who are we becoming?

Session 1: The Cultural Compass: What’s Shaping Identity?

In order to effectively speak into the lives of young people with the biblical story, we need to understand how the influences of the broader culture are forming us. This session will explore the pervading ‘cultural stories’ which are shaping us and the young people in our schools. It will ask the questions, ‘What are we being told about who we are and what we should desire, and what impact is this having on identity formation in our cultural moment?’

Session 2: Understanding our formation in the light of the Biblical story

Formation occurs within the context of story. Stories help to form our identity, meaning and purpose, and allow us to make sense of our place in the world. They provide a vision of who we are, why we are here, where we are going and what constitutes the good life. The story we live out of becomes the lens through which we see, interpret and engage with the world around us. This session will explore how the biblical story provides a compelling alternative to our culture and how it reshapes our imagination around identity and purpose.

Session 3: From formation to transformation: a practical approach

In a culture of competing narratives that seek to shape us, Christian schools have the opportunity to invite students to know, understand, imagine, embody and expand God’s story. This session will introduce a practical, whole school approach to being intentional in the creation of opportunities which enable people to find their own story within the bigger story of God’s kingdom.


Monday, 15 July 2024
In Schools
6 CPD Hours
Members only event
RSVP by 14-June-2024

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