As an organisation, Christian Schools Australia is committed to working with our community by developing strong community partnerships in the areas of tertiary, business, agencies and other school associations and affiliations.

Tertiary Partners

As part of our commitment to the flourishing of Christian education in Australia, CSA has established key partnerships with a number of our Christian higher education providers from across the nation.

Business Partners

CSA fosters beneficial relationships with school suppliers. We help explain the particular needs of Christian schools to providers of goods and services, and act as a bridge between selected business enterprises and member schools.

Christian Agencies

Christian Schools Australia is committed to the flourishing of community and are proud to be in partnership with a range of Christian agencies both nationally and internationally.

School Associations

Christian Schools Australia works collaboratively with a range of Christian school groups and school associations to ensure a united voice in Christian education.


Christian Schools Australia provides a range of services to the broader Christian community that reaches beyond CSA members.