This page provides open access to a highlight reel of some of the resources available to CSA Members.

Get to know Christian Schooling

Want to know about how CSA can support your school, resource your learning community, or induct your staff? Consider our Flourish program, Services and Support Guide, Strategic Planning resource and more. Sample our Flourish program here.


School Improvement

CSA seeks to assist schools in the process of continuous improvement and has established evidence driven tools to lead your school towards maturity.  We can also walk the journey together with an in-school service. Click here for a taster of available resources.



Our research initiatives are continuously unfolding, and we invite all member schools to participate. Unpack a sample of our ongoing research findings on why parents choose our schools and the contributions Christian schools make to students and their communities here.



CSA recognises the critical value of school Boards, and provides support and resources to enhance effectiveness in the governance arena with training, resources, templates and self assessment tools, which can all be accessed by members. Learn more about the School Governance Program here.



CSA actively supports current and emerging leaders of member schools. From Professional Development, Frameworks for Leadership, a Rubric for Growth and 360 reviews, CSA can stand alongside you and your team. View a trailer for the CSA Leadership Framework here.


Teaching & Learning

Our Teaching and Learning Hub is rich with supportive material to aid your school in developing a school-wide teaching and learning framework, based on world-class theory and practices of Pedagogy, as well as curriculum planning resources. Discover our PeRL program with a click now.


Formation & Biblical Literacy

Discover what it means to be a Christian teacher and how to teach from a biblical worldview. The new CSA Formation Hub provides a range of resources and framework for the formation of Christian staff. View a trailer here on God's Big Story, which helps the formation of students with learning grounded in a biblical worldview.


CSA Membership is open to Christian Schools in Australia. Individual staff gain access to member resources and services when linked to a CSA member school.

CSA does not currently offer membership to individuals outside of CSA member schools, however many events can be accessed at non-member rates and CSA resources can be accessed through the online store.

If you are not yet part of the CSA member community, please feel free to download our guide to a range of some of the resources and services available to CSA members.

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