CSA undertakes a range of research covering the areas that are important to school development. These range from the development of school communities and relationships, through to schools choice and levels of parent engagement and satisfaction with Christian schools and the impact that Christian schooling contributes for the common good within society. CSA Research is also a fundamental element in terms of advocacy, as we petition the benefits and contributions that Christian schools make in the marketplace and seek to effectively establish policies and legislation which allow Christian schools to continue to operate and flourish.

Student Flourishing in Australian Christian Schools

This research project, led by researchers at Research Schools International and the Human Flourishing Program, Harvard, will explore student flourishing in adolescents at Australian Christian schools.


Perceptions of Church Attenders about Schooling

View the findings of how and why schooling matters to church-goers, what influences choice of schools, the impact of school on their own lives, and their views of spirituality in learning.


Christian Schools Community Profile

Member schools from across the nation have participated in the 2023 survey. Explore a range of resources resulting from the findings to the previous 2021 survey.


Flourishing Schools Research

View a range of reports with findings from the ACSI Flourishing Schools Research, which explored flourishing in Christian Schools. Additionally, research was undertaken using the Flourishing Schools Culture Instrument in some CSA member schools.


Australian Schools and the Common Good

The Cardus Education Survey Australia Project report sought to measure the contribution of Australian secondary school graduates to the “common good” of society. Explore the range of reports from this research.


Wellbeing & Impact

This exploratory study investigated the characteristics of K-12 school workforces, including levels of staff resilience, and their potential connection to student outcomes. Explore the range of reports from this research.


Relational Schools

This research was the first of its kind in Australia and was undertaken with Dr Rob Loe and the Relational Schools Foundation to survey twenty CSA schools (11,000 students and some 30 teachers) and explored the impact that relationship and community have upon student well-being and achievement.


"The high quality research undertaken by CSA helps all Christian schools and the wider community better understand the nature of the work we are doing and the impact it is having across the nation."
Dr Graeme Cross, CEO, Swan Christian Education Association (SCEA).

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